If you’re into super-cool, trendy, modern industrial hotspots, Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal) is the place to be—now a contemporary classic yet fashionable residential neighborhood with an affluent population.

What began as an industrial district has undergone a major revitalization with trendy bars and restaurants, shops, art galleries, local cafes, late-night hotspots, stylish warehouses, inviting park spaces and cobblestone streets. Stylish loft spaces, red-brick buildings, fire-escaped facades and rustically artful architecture are a backdrop to the contemporary flair of designer boutiques, cafes and shops.

The "triangle" is bounded by Canal Street, West Street and Broadway. Many warehouses have been converted to livable residential lofts and new businesses have emerged making the neighborhood much more like a community than an industrial district. Residents like their neighborhood for its vibrancy, as well as for the solitude and harmony achieved by mixed zoning. They lunch in posh restaurants and shop in gourmet food stores, and boast of having everything they could possibly want or need just a few blocks from their doors.


Properties in Tribeca

There are no properties listed in this neighborhood.